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Boulder County Gold 2004 People's Choice Award

Marie Bush's nature photography has captivated not only Boulder County's cognoscenti, but also the experts at Nature's Best Photography Magazine. She was one of 120 winners in the publication's international competition, which received more than 15,000 entries. The Smithsonian Natural History museum exhibited her prize photo, and it is now traveling around the world with the other winners. She has shown her work widely around Boulder County, and has won first prizes in the Boulder Art Association members' show and the Louisville Art Association show. An urgent care physician at the Longmont Clinic, she moved to Colorado from Pennsylvania 10 years ago because of her love of the mountains and flowers.

"She's not only taken some of the most wonderful photos I've ever seen, but she's obviously seen some of the most remarkable scenes to photograph! This is simply stunning work! It makes me want to go grab my camera!" (Anonymous)

"Detail... Color... Texture. Marie Bush's photographs capture the intimate details, vibrant colors, and luscious textures that make our natural world. Beauty and tranquility are her main focus. While she enjoys photographing landscapes, she prefers to give attention to smaller natural images and patterns.

Her photos emphasize just the small part of a plant or creature and reveal their absolute beauty. Her lens focuses on the parts that make the whole-the parts we often do not take time to observe. She shows us just a few colorful starfish tentacles, a piece of seaweed on wet rippled sand, and a few flower blossoms.

When you first glance at Marie's photos, you are struck by their color-- but not for color's sake. Her photos show the colors that create her scenes and reveal her subject's nature. Colors we might see daily are revealed through her photographs and made new and wondrous. There are the browns and grays of rocks, the last dying glows of sunsets, and the reds and oranges of starfish tentacles.

Her use of light reveals the textures of her subjects: textures you can almost touch, textures that make you say 'oh, how wonderful'. We see the wetness of rippled sand, the pattern of the seaweed, and the smoothness of a flower blossom.

Such attention to detail, color and texture draws us into her photograph. That closeness creates an intimacy with her subject. We peek into a private, magnified world which the naked eye alone cannot appreciate. Through her technique, she allows us to contemplate these quiet spots.

To paraphrase Marie, she loves playing with her camera and finding more creative ways to see things around her. Indeed, she captures and presents images of our everyday world that remind us of the great beauty surrounding us. She helps us to see our world in a more creative, artistic way. What a lovely gift that is!" (Excerpt from The Muse, the newsletter of the Longmont Council for the Arts published July, 2002, by Rebecca Bevirt.)