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Artist Statement

Photography is a medium to communicate my love of Nature. Vibrant colors, luscious textures, and alluring patterns kindle my passion.

This passion leads to exploration, from a day hike in the Rockies to a flight across the country. In each setting, I discover new worlds, simply by laying on my belly to examine the patterns of plants and creatures.

The discovery process transports me so completely I become captive in the joys of dream-like moments. I lose track of time-as well as the fact that my feet are wet and my hands cold.

Abstract compositions reflect the hidden beauty in the color and design of small subjects. My camera's quarry can appear elusive, especially with water movement, reflection and unusual camera angles that enrich the composition.

To capture nature's vibrant colors, I use a Nikon D800E digital camera as well as a Nikon SLR camera loaded with highly saturated film, such as Fuji Velvia and Kodak Ektachrome 100VS. The images are printed without post-processing manipulation: what you see in the print is what I've seen in the field. Gallery prints are produced with the LightJet process.

Through this exploration, I encourage viewers to linger, to reflect, to slow down and to open their senses. My photographs are an invitation to look again and to look more deeply, to find what may still be hidden. Each is an opportunity for contemplation and reverie.